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Subbu Answers Investors` Queries

Posted On Monday, Jan 18, 2016

  • Q1) I want to invest Rs 10,000 every month in mutual funds. Should I go for growth or the dividend option?

    Investors who go for the Growth option do not receive any interim payouts from the scheme. When they redeem their holding they may get capital appreciation, which is the growth in their invested capital. This is from the accumulated returns of the fund. Whereas investors choosing the Dividend option expect to receive payouts, subject to dividend distribution tax. Their invested capital does not appreciate as much, as the appreciation in the fund’s portfolio is paid out as dividends. Thus the portfolios, % return in both options generally remain the same although the NAVs would differ.

    Generally investors go for Dividend option for two reasons, it may be taxed favorably than capital gains in some non-equity investments or they require regular streams of income from their investment.

    Therefore if you need regular income, then go for Dividend option or else opt for Growth option. In future if there is any need for income from your investments, you could always do an SWP (Systematic Withdrawal Plan).

  • Q2) I am a 66 year old retiree, not deriving any monthly pension. My monthly expenses are met by the interest earned on the fixed deposits in banks. I have around Rs 70 lakh in fixed deposits. Given the falling interest rates, it may be difficult in future to meet my monthly expenses. Where should I invest this money to help me maintain my living standard?

    Like you rightly guessed, although the interest earned on your Fixed Deposits pays off your expenses now, it may fall short for your future expenses due to inflation. So your retirement kitty needs some exposure to investments that can keep pace with inflation, and these are mainly equities and gold.

    Since we are not aware of your risk appetite, based on the information you have shared and that your assets are in Fixed Deposits, we think you may be a risk averse. With this background, we think you could look at investing some portion of your corpus in a multi asset fund which will offer you a combined portfolio of equity, debt and gold. Also returns from multi asset could be better than FD over the long run. Nevertheless one must understand that in mutual fund investment, the principal amount is not risk free as in case of Fixed Deposit, also returns in mutual funds are volatile and not fixed as in case of Fixed deposit.

    It is highly recommended to consult a good financial advisor, who will help you structure the ideal portfolio taking tax also into consideration.

  • Q3) I have been told that it is better to park money in liquid funds for short periods rather than keep it in a savings bank account. For how long can one invest in liquid funds safely?

    Firstly no market-related investment is risk free, be it equity or liquid. While liquid funds are not as “risky” as equity funds or long term debt funds, they are not without their share of risks.

    Liquid funds are generally looked at as an alternative to savings bank account to maintain contingency funds. Both have better liquidity (as compared to Equities and FDs) and are meant for investors who are risk averse.

    As far as time periods for investing go - Liquid funds invest primarily in money market instruments like certificate of deposits, treasury bills, commercial papers and term deposits. Since liquid funds are relatively less risky than other funds, you could invest in liquid funds for as long as you wish.

    However, I always suggest that investors should consult their financial advisors before taking any major investment decisions.


Subbu`s Solution is authored by I. V. Subramaniam. I. V. Subramaniam is a director of Quantum Asset Management Company Private Limited. The responses expressed here are strictly for information and explanation purpose only. The responses are meant for general reading purpose and not to be considered as an investment advice / recommendation. The responses are not intended to be an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial product or instrument or units of the Mutual Fund. Readers are advised to seek independent professional advice and arrive at an informed investment decision before making any investments. The Sponsor, The Investment Manager, The Trustee, their respective directors, employees, affiliates or representatives shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages, including lost profits arising in any way from the information contained in the responses.

Risk Factors: Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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