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Questions from Path To Profit. Answered Wednesday, Dec 26, 2018

Path to Profit – Investor Meet that gives us an opportunity to interact with those who wish to learn more about investing. Given below are 3 questions that we fielded at a recently conducted event. We will keep releasing answers to such questions in subsequent mailers, so stay posted.

1. How many years should one wait for the result of value investing?
There is no predefined period, the longer the better when it comes to equity investing. Equity markets move in cycles which contain periods of growth and decline. Ideally the investment horizon should be short enough to at least see one business cycle which can be in the range of 5 years to 8 years. Moreover, when it comes to your investments, it is important that you link them to long term financial goals. Let’s say one of your life’s important goals is to fund your child’s education 10 years from now. Such goals require long term investment products in equity mutual funds which helps you achieve your financial goals. Once crucial factors such as age, investment horizon, and risk tolerance are determined by an individual, then selecting the right investment becomes easy.

2. As Quantum follows value investing, do you mean you invest in a small cap stock and stick to it till it becomes large-cap?
No. We are market cap agnostic. Value investing is primarily trying to arrive at a fair value of a business based on its fundamentals like cash flow generation ability, profitability, management quality, return ratios etc. and try and buy it at a discount to the intrinsic value. Hopefully the value of the business will move towards its intrinsic value. Moreover our investment universe is stocks (primarily included in S&P BSE 200 Index) with average daily trading volume of over a $1 million /day. In this case generally many small cap stocks are filtered out from our consideration.

The research team at Quantum is always looking for right opportunities to invest wherein there is a predetermined Buy and Sell limit for each stock which is actively covered by our research team. The limits are decided based on sustainable cash flow generating ability of a company and its long term valuation bands. Once a stock hits our buy limit it finds its way into our portfolio and once it hits our sell limit it exits our portfolio. We continue to focus on the basics like meeting companies and visiting suppliers and customers to ensure we do not miss anything in our research.

3. Is 'Value Investing' useful for senior citizens?
Value investing typically focusses on downside risks and hence in theory should fall less than growth investing when the markets fall. For senior citizens that may be appealing. But allocation to equity always carries greater risk irrespective of growth or value investing. Stocks are volatile in nature. However when it comes to your retirement minimizing risks and protecting your retirement corpus becomes very important. For senior citizens, given their age and low risk appetite they generally tend to look out for safe and stable investment options with the main objective of protecting their capital along with a fixed regular monthly income to manage their day-to-day expenses.

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Quantum Long Term Equity Value Fund

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• Long term capital appreciation

• Invests primarily in equity and equity related securities of companies in S&P BSE 200 index
Quantum Long Term Equity Fund
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