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  • Quantum AMC set forth on its journey with one purpose – to offer investors a wealth building avenue that would be driven by process.

    From a humble start with 528 investors in FY 2006 who trusted us at the launch of our first two funds we’ve grown to 48,000 investors, as on Oct 2018. We started out as India’s first direct-to-investor mutual fund and continue to maintain our focus on doing what is right for our investors. 

    Source – Quantum AMC

    Past Performance may or may not sustain in future

    Along the way we pioneered several practices which we believed were in the best interests of investors; today many of these have been adopted by the mutual fund industry. All this with little support, or rather hostility in the starting years, from the distribution system. So we owe it totally to our investors. We remain grateful to them; they are at the core of our existence.

    We still have a long journey ahead of us. We may still be ants among the elephants. But we firmly believe that with the continued trust and support of our patrons we will build India’s premier investment management company.

  • Investor Complaints for March 2019

    Number of ComplaintsDays taken to Resolve
    0-2 days
    3-6 days
    7-10 days
    11-15 days
    16-30 days
    031+ days

    Investor Queries for March 2019

    Number of QueriesDays taken to Resolve
    0-2 days
    3-6 days
    7-10 days
    1211-15 days
    16-30 days
    31 + days


    Quantum Mutual Fund has a Grievance Redressal Policy (Policy) which is uploaded on the website. Our website also discloses the queries / complaints that have been resolved and categorized as per our Grievance Policy. The Policy follows proactive and stringent norms in comparison to norms normally prescribed for categorizing of complaints eg. If investor gets any error while investing online, that is considered as a Complaint even if it may not fall under the category of being a complaint, as prescribed by SEBI / AMFI.

    Quantum AMC has launched new website on September 26, 2017. The objective being to improve the online investment experience, create a better user interface, faster execution of transactions, improve linking of our website with third parties like our Registrar and Transfer Agent, Banks, Payment Aggregators etc. The new website / interface has been launched after almost a year of robust efforts by the AMC team. As the complete interface / backend as well as website displayed changed with the launch of the new website, there were some issues / problems faced by investors while transacting online on website. The summary of the same are as follows:

    Sr. No.ParticularsTotal No. Of Issues and Resolved
    1Investors Issues Faced and Resolved during September 26, 2017 to November 15, 2017 In Transacting Online in the new launched website135

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